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Php is an interpreted programming language with open source core (Zend Engine) and its performance specifications, be it opcodes and their construction, execution stages (compile-> execute), so does not exist and can not exist protectors with various kinds of mixed levels of performance protection based on the accepted standards of encryption and obfuscation, this means that any binary code can be recovered according to the open and researched specifications.

If you are intersted in decryption of Ioncube, Zend, Sourceguardian and etc., pls read some research challenge notes of Security Analysis of PHP Bytecode Protection Mechanisms: Open/Download PDF.

Currently, the term "reverse engineering" is most often understood as the so-called. Clean room reverse engineering, that is, the process in which one team of developers analyzes the machine code of the program, compiles the algorithm of this program on a pseudocode or, if the program is the driver of any device, is the exhaustive specifications of the device of interest. After receiving the specifications, another development team writes its own driver based on the received specifications or algorithms. This approach avoids accusations of copyright infringement on the source program, as by laws, for example in the US, falls under the concept of "fair use", that is, the conscientious use of the original program. The result of reverse engineering is rarely identical to the original, which makes it possible to avoid liability before the law.

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This service is created to help webmasters know PHP, restore their source code, licenses, for further use and modification to their needs, if you are dont know work of such services, immediately leave this site.

All work begins from request (e-mail or WIRE messaging encrypted files), and the cost calculation of services (prices section), only after that you can get some lines of open source code to verify the quality of the services provided. Next, make a full payment (Russia: Qiwi, Webmoney; Other countries: Bitcoins or PayPal -> ->Bitcoins), and get the full source code. The code can be different from the original (this is binnary decompilation, dont trust any marketing), so you will need to make debug (if needed) to the working state, people who know PHP do it without any problems.

Service work details

Deep understanding


In some cases, you will need license files, if you do not have them, we can try to restore them, extend them (trial, remove trial, expand trial), reprogram them (lock, unlock), this is discussed individually. Restore lics examples: Premium Exchanger always actual versions (last), Trust-Inside, Tamaranga (last), and many more, pls request. You can start work with your script immediately as original, without any troubles and decode.

The price of decrypting files larger than 100 kilobytes increases in x2 and etc.

We can also offer you (sell) licensed encryption tool (ioncube 10.2 pro with php 7.2 encoding support and php 5.6 & 7.1 split/combo mode), if you are interested, for smile price.

Only the provision of decryption service is carried out, we do not sell decryption tools (any ideas, research, technologies) of any listed php protectors. Also we're dont sell php scripts. You can also make requests to decrypt the missing protectors in list, in this case the terms of the deal will be individual.